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(We would advise you to get in touch with any queries, but these are the most common questions we're asked)

Are you Gas Safe registered? Yes! You can check us out on the Gas Safe website. Please get in touch if you are unable to find these details.


Do you charge for quotes? No, we don't charge you to price up jobs and give quotes. Our quotes are free and have no obligation attached.


Will you get rid of waste after a job? We hold a waste carriers license, so we can dispose of waste on completion of jobs at a local recycling centre. For larger projects where there is a large quantity of waste, we can look into sourcing a skip as this may be more cost effective for the home owner. 

How can I pay? We accept all forms of payment such as debit or credit card (online payment system), bank transfer, cheque or small lump sums of cash.

Whats a condensing boiler? All modern boilers are condensing, due to their high levels of efficiency! The boiler will blow steam through the flue outlet to the outside, which will collect in the boiler in the form of water vapour. This water vapour then needs to drip to some kind of internal or external drainage via a waste pipe ran from the boiler to the waste outlet.

Whats a Combi boiler? A Combi boiler gives you a COMBInation of heating and hot water, directly from the boiler, as oppose to traditional systems where the hot water comes from a hot water cylinder in a location such as an airing cupboard. They use less space due to not needing any tanks, and deliver hot water on demand instantaneously. Ideally, we want fairly good mains pressure in a property to fit a Combi boiler.

Whats the different between a wet room and a walk in shower? A wet room simply does not have a visible shower tray, and the whole shower drainage system is built below floor level. It is a completely sealed and water tight showering area, usually covered from floor to wall in tile. Walk in showers will utilise a visible shower tray and quite often a shower screen enclosing the tray. Both systems are modern and easy to access for those with mobility issues.

What boilers do you fit and what size do I need? We will only fit good quality boilers with decent levels of warranty (long lasting and no quibble), quite often this will be discussed depending on your needs at point of survey. Different boilers brands will fit different scenarios better than others! Sizing a boiler isn't a case of counting your radiators. We will take many factors into account such as heat loss of property, water flow and pressure, and number of bathrooms before correctly specifying the right boiler for your property.

Can I provide the tiles and fittings for my new bathroom? Yes! But before laying any money down and making your purchase, please consult us regarding suitability of the products you've got your eye on.

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